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…creating new revenue streams, seeing your product or service enter new markets, expanding your team with expert staff that gets results — while focusing on the most important tasks to grow your business to new heights… You can make it happen…

Have you sent 100’s of pitch decks with little to no response? Traveled across the U.S. to pitch your business to investors? Yep, that was me too! I created a coaching program to scale your business using creative financing methods without diluting your equity in 2018. And as an investor, I have been helping other early-stage and recently acquired businesses ever since.

Today, I know what it takes to expedite the process.


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Learn how to secure funding for your financially strained company without an investor using The Fully Funded Method.

This step-by-step program will teach you how to transform your business from cash-strapped to a sustainable revenue-generating

company with 0% investor dilution.

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Hello! I’m Selina Parker, I help startups and recently acquired companies uncover their hidden assets to grow and scale their company and bottom line to new heights. I’ve been a Fractional COO and growth strategist for 10+ years and helped companies in a plethora of industries.

My goal is to create opportunities for people by unlocking potential through my coaching program/online intensive that helps founders and new owners fund their businesses and create sustainable revenue streams that lead to wealth creation. Will you be


I know how incredibly difficult it is to secure investment funding for your business. I built a company with a valuation of $4.6M,

but I knew that I had a less than 1% chance of securing an investment. That experience is what led me to sit on the other side of the table. As a BIPOC in the acquisitions, startups, and investment space, I have helped negotiate acquisition deals, broker licensing joint ventures, and consulted on the post-acquisition transition of companies with revenues of $2M or more.

My success comes from my ability to see beyond what others can see to provide strategic and solutions-based multifaceted

expertise. I am here to uncover your hidden assets that lead to financial success.

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