“What began as a life and career coaching services company to aide entrepreneurs through the early-stage challenges and tough transformations of starting a social venture has evolved over the years to include mergers and acquisitions, organizational consulting, and business growth advisory services to mission-driven organizations that strive to improve access to basic physiological, safety, and security needs while increasing their profit margin.

Clients include founders and organizations with the purpose of addressing deficiencies in delivering quality healthcare and mental health services, sufficient employment, access to clean water and air, safe shelter, adequate food, and more.”

My Story

At the age of 15, I traveled to Australia as a U.S. Student Ambassador. By the age of 16, I was a leader in the food and beverage division at a popular amusement park. At 17, I received my first retail banking leadership role that involved the turnaround of poorly performing locations and district expansion oversight. This became the start of an amazing and diverse 20+ year career that has resulted in 11+ promotions and earned 8+ awards during my corporate career and most recently a Masters Degree in Industrial Organizational Psychology aka Business Psychology.

After serving in the corporate environment, I decided to make the small to medium-sized business sector my home. When I am not consulting or coaching business leaders, I acquire companies of my own that I could focus most of my efforts on in order to turn them into profitable and socially responsible companies.

Today, I help startups and recently acquired companies uncover their hidden assets to grow and scale their company and bottom line to new heights. I’ve been a Fractional COO who specializes in Organizational Development and Creative Growth Strategies for 10+ years and have helped companies in a plethora of industries.

My goal is to create opportunities for small-and-medium-sized businesses by unlocking potential through my coaching program/online intensive that helps founders and new owners fund their businesses and create sustainable revenue streams that lead to wealth creation...

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